Inquisition Symphony
Album lyrics Apocalyptica

Release date: September 1998

Inquisition Symphony is the second studio album by the Finnish rock band Apocalyptica. It was released September 22, 1998. The album branches from their previous effort, containing only four Metallica covers. The remainder of the compositions are by Faith No More, Pantera, and Sepultura, as well as three originals by Apocalyptica bandleader Eicca Toppinen. Max Lilja did the arrangements for "One".


  • 1.Harmageddon [Instrumental]
  • 2.From Out Of Nowhere [Instrumental] [from Faith No More's The Real Thing]
  • 3.For Whom The Bell Tolls [Instrumental] [from Metallica's Ride The Lightning]
  • 4.Nothing Else Matters [Instrumental] [from Metallica's Metallica]
  • 5.Refuse / Resist [Instrumental] [from Sepultura's Chaos A.D.]
  • 6.M.B. (Metal Boogie) [Instrumental]
  • 7.Inquisition Symphony [Instrumental] [from Sepultura's Schizophrenia]
  • 8.Fade To Black [Instrumental] [from Metallica's Ride The Lightning]
  • 9.Domination [Instrumental] [from Pantera's Cowboys from Hell]
  • 10.Toreador [Instrumental]
  • 11.One [Instrumental] [from Metallica's …And Justice for All]