Album lyrics Apocalyptica

Release date: September 2000

Cult is Apocalyptica's third album, released in 2000 with a special-edition released in 2001 containing an extra disc. This album also saw a small trend starting in their single releases, as both "Hope" and "Path" have second versions called "Path Vol. 2" and "Hope Vol. 2" with lyrics sung by Sandra Nasic and Matthias Sayer, respectively. Here, Apocalyptica also started using distortion effects much more boldly and frequently. There are some versions of the first release with "Path Vol. 2" as the first track and "Path" as the fourteenth. This is the last Apocalyptica album to feature Max Lilja on cello.


  • 1.Path [Instrumental]
  • 2.Struggle [Instrumental]
  • 3.Romance [Instrumental]
  • 4.Pray! [Instrumental]
  • 5.In Memoriam [Instrumental]
  • 6.Hyperventilation [Instrumental]
  • 7.Beyond Time [Instrumental]
  • 8.Hope [Instrumental]
  • 9.Kaamos [Instrumental]
  • 10.Coma (Live) [Instrumental]
  • 11.Hall Of The Mountain King [Instrumental]
  • 12.Until It Sleeps [Instrumental] [from Metallica's Load]
  • 13.Fight Fire With Fire [Instrumental] [from Metallica's Ride The Lightning]
  • 14.Path Vol. 2 [Special Edition Disc 2]
  • 15.Hope Vol. 2 [Special Edition Disc 2]
  • 16.Harmageddon (Live In München) [Instrumental] [Special Edition Disc 2]
  • 17.Nothing Else Matters (Live In München) [Instrumental] [Special Edition Disc 2]
  • 18.Inquisition Symphony (Live In München) [Instrumental] [Special Edition Disc 2]