Album lyrics Allison Moorer

Release date: February 2008

"Mockingbird" is Moorer's sixth studio album released February 19, 2008, on New Line Records. "Mockingbird" is a Buddy Miller-produced album mainly of covers of songs by female singer/songwriters including her sister, Shelby Lynne.

Mockingbird was her way of returning to a place where it all began. "I had made what felt like a lot of records in a short amount of time, and I needed to step back from the process of writing a record, recording a record, and touring a record. I needed to change it up a little bit, so I essentially sent myself back to school," explains Moorer. "When you're learning how to play and sing, one of the ways you do that is by learning other people's songs. No one is born with their own songs, so that's how you learn to write."