Album lyrics Allison Moorer

Release date: February 2010

"Crows" is the seventh studio album by Allison Moorer, released February 9, 2010 on Rykodisc Records. Produced by R.S. Field (Buddy Guy, John Mayall) at the House of David Studio in Nashville, TN, the 13-track album is a refined and lyrically honest collection of songs that is a marked stylistic departure from her previous work.

Speaking with Billboard Magazine regarding Crows, Moorer stated "I really just set myself free and just threw all the rules out the window." Regarding the album's title, Moorer offered "We have crows in the yard at our place up in Woodstock. I am a little obsessed with birds, and have been told that they are indeed our messengers
from the other side. So I decided that instead of letting the crows make me uneasy, I would start to consider them as friendlies, and that they were actually bringing me a message of comfort."

Crows is wholeheartedly real -- its spirit is tangible and each lyric could belong to anyone. Moorer's look inward is pure and without hesitation, all while she's exploring what could exist outside of one's soul.