Worry The Bone
Album lyrics Ali Harter

Release date: June 2007

Worry the Bone is the first studio album by the Oklahoma-based, singer/songwriter Ali Harter. The album quickly received a whirlwind of attention nationally and internationally. Worry the Bone features hit songs "Untitled No.3" and "You Can Keep 'Em", both of which appeared on the television show Grey's Anatomy.


  • 1.You Can Keep Em
  • 2.Untitled No. 3
  • 3.What Do Ya Do
  • 4.This Might Save Your Life
  • 5.Poor Kate
  • 6.Everyone Must Lose
  • 7.He Is Good To Me
  • 8.Now That You're Gone
  • 9.I Would
  • 10.Run Run
  • 11.Can't Resist The Man
  • 12.Woman That Mans The Kind
  • 13.Lessons (Live)

Album cover

Ali Harter Worry The Bone album cover