No Bees, No Honey
Album lyrics Ali Harter

Release date: March 2010

No Bees, No Honey is the second studio album by the Oklahoma-based, singer/songwriter Ali Harter, released on March 13, 2010. It follows her previous album, Worry the Bone. The album features over a dozen musicians, including Mike Kennerty of the very popular band, "The All-American Rejects".


  • 1.The Girl Who Sings
  • 2.Lonely Man
  • 3.The Best Mess
  • 4.To My Family
  • 5.Love I'd Love To Stay
  • 6.That Place Is Gone
  • 7.Grandpa
  • 8.Dumb OL' Things
  • 9.On My Own
  • 10.Never Any Good
  • 11.All Over Me
  • 12.Close Up The House

Album cover

Ali Harter No Bees, No Honey album cover