Escalader L'ivresse
Album lyrics Alexandre Désilets

Release date: April 2008

"Escalader l'ivresse" is the first studio album from Alexandre Désilets, released on April 15, 2008, with the famous producer Jean Massicotte (Patrick Watson, Lhasa, Arthur H, Pierre Lapointe, Jean Leloup). Received enthusiastically by both public and critics, Escalader l'ivresse was granted no less than 4 nominations at the Gala de L'ADISQ the same year, including DISCOVERY and POP-ROCK ALBUM of the year.


  • 1.Trafic Aérien
  • 2.Monalisa
  • 3.Mission Apollo
  • 4.J'échoue
  • 5.Aléatoire
  • 6.L'éphémère
  • 7.I Cry
  • 8.Escalader L'ivresse

Album cover

Alexandre Désilets Escalader L'ivresse album cover