Like A Man
Album lyrics Adam Cohen

Release date: October 03, 2011

Label: Cooking Vinyl

Produced by: Patrick Leonard

Like A Man is the third solo album by Canadian musician, Adam Cohen, released on October 4, 2011, through Cooking Vinyl. The album was produced by Patrick Leonard.

Speaking about the album Adam explained: "It's a combination of songs I didn't have the courage to release because they were too much like my old man's music for my own taste. I had been busy trying to carve a niche for myself and was fearful of the fact that the songs were either too much or not enough like my old man."

The first single off the album, What Other Guy, is a beautiful, poetic piece, definitely worthy of the Cohen name, and Adam even got that word from his father, who called it a "world-class love song." Hearing that from his dad meant a great deal to the younger Cohen. "It was a tremendous validation and relief to have the nod of approval and even enthusiastic support of my father on this new project," he said.


Album cover

Adam Cohen Like A Man album cover