Pieces Of A Man
Album lyrics AZ

Release date: April 1998

Pieces of a Man is AZ's second album, released on April 7, 1998. The album is vastly different from his debut, Doe or Die. It contained fun, party tracks as opposed to Doe or Die's grimy, street oriented lyrics and production. Despite this major change, the album was still highly praised for its complex and insightful lyricism. The first single was supposed to be "Hey AZ" featuring SWV. That song uses the same sample as Mariah Carey's song "Honey", "Hey DJ" by the World Famous Supreme Team. Both were released in summer of 1997. The song "Hey AZ" had a video as well but for some reason when the album was released in spring 1998, the song was not on there. After the album, Noo Trybe Records took AZ off of their roster.