N.4.L (Niggaz 4 Life) Mixtape
Album lyrics AZ

Release date: August 2008

Mixed and hosted by DJ Absolut, AZ's underground mixtape release, N.4.L., sees the Brooklyn lyricist now turning his mic toward controversial subject matter. The mixtape was released on August 5, 2008.

An acronym for "Niggas For Life," N.4.L. is in many ways a companion piece to Nas's untitled ninth album, as AZ touches on the language and legacy of racism in the U.S. DJ Absolut's introduction lets listeners know what they're in for from the starting gate, blending chants from political protest marches and news reports of the Sean Bell verdict. AZ breaks it all down on the ambitious diatribe "Conspiracy." Still, it's not all politics and protest; the Brooklyn lyricist makes room for thugged-out street narratives and his trademark slick braggadocio. Raekwon, Charlie Rock, Starkim, Trey Songz, and Sheek Louch put in memorable guest appearances.