Teen Dance Ordinance
Album lyrics A

Release date: June 2005

Teen Dance Ordinance is the fourth album by the Alternative rock group A. It was released on 25 June 2005 in the United Kingdom and later in the United States. The title refers to a law passed in 1985 by Seattle City Council and repealed in 2002 which prohibited minors and adults from attending the same dance clubs. It featured a more straight-rock sound and displayed an almost complete absence of the keyboards and sampling that marked the early sound of the band.

Due to many delays in the release of the album, which consisted of the label shelving the album for two years after recording was already completed in 2003 and Jason Perry experiencing illness, the band already were out of general public interest due to the long time they were away from releasing material. This meant the album was given very little promotional attention by the label and media, meaning it only charted at #95 in the UK charts and thus 'A' were dropped by Warners in October as a result. Since the failure of the album, the band have been on hiatus.

"Rush Song" was played as background music in the UK version of the television show Pimp My Ride.