Hi-Fi Serious
Album lyrics A

Release date: March 2002

Hi-Fi Serious is the third studio album by British band A, released in 2002. The album is certified Silver in the U.K., having sold over 60,000 copies.

First single, "Nothing", made it to #9 in the UK singles chart before the album's release, propelling the band higher up the ladder - the album peaked at #18 in the UK album charts - and although they were still not seen as mainstream artists, the album still won them "Best British Band" at the "Kerrang! awards".

Hi-Fi Serious was later re-released with an additional DVD of live footage and other video clips of the band. The name "Hi-Fi Serious" was derived from the name of the Hi FI Electronics store, Alan Partridge buys a Bang&Olufson stereo from in the last episode of I'm Alan Partridge series 1. This is just one of many ways they reference Alan Partridge in their material.

The tour in support of this albums release was called the 'Inner City Sumo' tour - another reference to I'm Alan Partridge (Season 1 Episode 1).