Teen Spirit
Album lyrics A*Teens

Release date: February 2001

Teen Spirit is the first studio album and second album overall by the A-Teens, released in 2001.

Its thirteen tracks were recorded in Sweden with new producers and hit makers Grizzly and Tysper, among others. While musically it is generally perceived to be more American-driven than the Europop sound of their first record, it does include a varied mix of styles including: bass, soul, latin music, and others. This album also marked a departure for the band from The ABBA Generation in that there is only one cover, Morning Light (originally recorded by fellow Swedish singer, E-Type). Also, the boys from the band (Amit Paul and Dhani Lennevald) collaborated more on the vocals.

Teen Spirit spawned 3 singles, including the smash hit "Upside Down". This song was re-named for the US and Canadian market to Bouncing off the Ceiling (Upside Down).

Teen Spirit was certified Gold in the US and Poland as well as Platinum in Sweden and many other countries. While not repeating the same level of success as their debut album, the album went on to sell over 1.5 million copies, despite bad reviews from the press.

A new version of the album with bonus tracks was released in January 21, 2002 in Scandinavia, Germany and Mexico including bonus tracks and the single used to promote the Disney movie The Princess Diaries, "Heartbreak Lullaby".