Pop 'til You Drop!
Album lyrics A*Teens

Release date: June 2002

Pop 'til You Drop! is the second studio album and third album overall by the A-Teens, released in 2002. Recorded between 2001 and 2002 in Stockholm, Sweden, Pop 'til You Drop! provides a more American-driven sound rather than just Europop.

For the first time, the A-Teens participated on the writing of the tracks and the design of the album and image. It was released as an American only release on June 18, 2002, in the hype of the promotion of the first single, Elvis' cover "Can't Help Falling in Love" (which was the soundtrack of Disney's movie Lilo & Stitch). The album peaked at no.45 on the Billboard charts and it was certified Gold after their first headlining tour in the United States.

Due to the big demand, the album was released in Mexico, Argentina and other countries in Asia and Latin-America. The album spawned one more hit single "Floorfiller". Both "Floorfiller" and "Can't Help Falling in Love" were released in Europe despite that the album was never released there. Some promo copies of the album that were released in the United States included the bonus track "Have a Little Faith in Me" but this track was never commercially released until 2003 when their fourth album "New Arrival" was released.