Greatest Hits
Album lyrics A*Teens

Release date: May 2004

Greatest Hits is A-Teens' last official album. It is a compilation including their biggest worldwide hits, such as "Mamma Mia", "Upside Down", "Halfway Around The World", "Floorfiller", and many others. Every track included on the album (except for the new tracks) reached the Top 20 in at least one country.

The album was planned to be released in early 2004, but due to problems with Stockholm Records/Universal Music, A-Teens released the album on May 5, 2004. For the release of this album, the A-Teens called all their fans through their website asking for pictures, and they included the pictures on the booklet of the album. The tracks "The Final Cut" and "With or Without You" were written by the members of the band, giving messages of "goodbye" and "thanks" to their fans.

This album was not released worldwide. Instead, it was released in selected territories where Universal thought it would do well. These included Mexico, South America, Germany, and some other European and Asian countries. The album sold relatively well in Latin America and some parts of Europe, where "I Promised Myself" was a huge hit.

An American edition was planned for this album, and it was going to be released through Interscope Records in late 2004. However, the A-Teens were already finishing their "Greatest Hits Tour" in Sweden and they didn't want to promote in America as Dhani was about to release his first solo single there, so Interscope cancelled the release.