Free The Bees
Album lyrics A Band Of Bees (The Bees)

Release date: August 2004

Free The Bees is the second album from British band The Bees in 2004. Their first release for Virgin Records, it is also the first album to feature the current sextet that evolved during the tour that promoted debut album Sunshine Hit Me. However, all the members had performed with core duo Paul Butler and Aaron Fletcher before the album was produced, whether in other projects or simply in informal jams.

The album was originally planned to be recorded in Butler's shed (the same one where Sunshine Hit Me was produced). However, the band decided to record it at the famous Abbey Road Studios. Indeed, Free the Bees is a much more slicker sounding and uptempo album than their debut, but the group's diverse range of styles and influences remain intact.

The album's standout cut, "Chicken Payback", was used in a UK advert for Sure Deodorant For Men during the 2006 World Cup.