Every Step's A Yes
Album lyrics A Band Of Bees (The Bees)

Release date: October 2010

Every Step's A Yes is the fourth studio album from British band The Bees, released on October 11, 2010. It is the band's first for their current label Fiction Records. It was preceded by the single "I Really Need Love", released on October 4. The song "Silver Line" was released as a free download on the band's official tumblr page.

The band have described the record as having a "mature" sound, with "proper songs that are more about real life". They also claimed that the time frontman Paul Butler spent in Los Angeles recording Devendra Banhart's album What Will We Be and in the Amazon Rainforest helped influence the sound of the album, giving a sense of rhythm and groove seldom heard on previous efforts and gaining "a different approach to recording".


  • 1.I Really Need Love
  • 2.Winter Rose
  • 3.Silver Line
  • 4.No More Excuses
  • 5.Tired Of Loving
  • 6.Change Can Happen
  • 7.Island Love Letter
  • 8.Skill Of The Man
  • 9.Pressure Makes Me Lazy
  • 10.Gaia